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Sports have always been part of the fun and entertainment for millions of people in the world, but recently called "extreme sports" have managed to capture the attention of thousands of people. The extreme sports and urban sports are classified according to the level of adrenaline produced and the risk they carry and also they can be classified in extreme activities and new trends.  If you like extreme sports, urban or adventure sports, this is your site. In Extreme Stunts we practice snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, diving and much more!

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Get you table and go on. In Extreme Stunts we give you the best site to enjoy your favourite snow sport. Snowboarding is undoubtedly one of the sports that is gaining more followers and fans worldwide, and now it have the same number of followers that skiing. 

It is not easy to start snowboarding without knowing anything about the techniques of skiing. However, for a skier, is easily to change. With a basic understanding of gravity, snow and the edges of the board work, you just have to apply them to a new feeling of swinging heel to toe instead of side by side. But first it is very important to choose the right snowboarding shoes because boots need to be perfectly adhere to the table selected. With Extreme Stunts we will try to explain what are the first steps to start snowboarding.


If you prefer asphalt we are you site too. Today skateboarding is one of the most popular sports among teens and young people half  because of the attractiveness and risk having to use a table with wheels to walk the streets of the cities and the relationship with Punk and Independent music, with brands such as shoes and apparel and street culture in general, which is very attractive to all young people. 

"And I kept falling, again and again, for years. That´s the life of the skater, half the time you slip on the table and the other half with her..." The best way to learn the tricks is watching and practicing a lot, that´s why we have for you an amazing gallery with many videos about how to learn to do the best tricks. Here are some examples about the tutorials we can offer to you dear skater:

- Grab: this type of skateboard tricks are Indy, Melon, Behinana, roast beef, Christ Air, Nosegrab, etc.. 

- Lip:  the best known are the Axle Stall, Stall Nose, Rock to Fakie, Rock 'n' Roll, Boneless, Invert, Handplant. 

- Flip: as the Kickflip, Heelflip, Pop Shove-it, Varial Flip, 360 Flip, Impossible. 

- Grind and Slide: Some examples are: Boardslide, Lipslide, Noseslide, Tailslide, Bluntslide, Darkslide, Crooked, Crooked Cver, k-grind, Feeble or Smith.

Much More

We give in this lines some examples about what kind of experiences we can offer to you but if you join Extreme Stunts you will discover much more sports, galleries, reviews in order to become your sport you way of life.


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